Almost all parameters in engineering design are random in nature. The random nature of the design parameters is characterized using probability distributions. A probabilistic assessment of design provide basis for reliability and risk analysis of engineering products. The book 'An Introduction to Reliability Analysis' presents essentials for understanding of probabilistic designs and reliability analysis. It provides a fast track introduction and review of concepts and theory for probabilistic evaluation of engineering designs, reliability analysis and risk assessment.

Author: Dr M. Shahid
Publisher: www.BsysE.co.uk
Edition: 1st edition (2009)
Price: GBP 8.00
ISBN: 978-0-9563277-0-3

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1. Introduction
2. Random Variables and Random Processes
     2.1Discrete Random Variable
     2.2 Continuous Random Variable
3. Properties of random variables
     3.1 Probability
3.2 Mean
     3.3Expected Value
     3.6Standard Deviation
     3.7Coefficient of Variation
4. Random Variable Transformation to Standard Form
5. Common Type of Random Variables
5.1 Uniform Random Numbers
     5.2Normal Random Variables
     5.3Lognormal Random Variables
     5.4Gamma Distribution Random Variables
     5.5Gumbel Distribution
     5.6Frechet Distribution
     5.7Weibull Distribution
     5.8Poisson Distribution
6. Conditional Probability
7. Joint Probability and Marginal Probability
8. Conditional Distribution Function
9. Correlation
10.Bayesian Probability Updating
11.Random Functions
12.Evaluation of Probability of Failure
13. Levels of reliability based designs
14.Methods for reliability analysis
     14.1 Numerical Integration
     14.2Monte Carlo's Simulation
     14.3First Order Second Moment Method
     14.4Hasofer Lind Reliability Index and FOSM Method
     14.5First Order Reliability Method
     14.6Second Order Reliability Method
15. Sensitivity Analysis and Random Variables Reduction
16.System Reliability
     16.1 Parallel Systems
     16.2Series Systems
17.The Reliability Analysis Software